Layers of History

Even the most casual observer can take one glance at the diagram below and attest to the wonders of the Siebenberg House. Each layer encapsulates a different era; the deeper you dig, the further back in time you travel.

Upper Layer

Here sits the Siebenberg House, erected in 1970, a grand four-story mansion, but it's just the tip of the archaeological iceberg.

Middle Layer

Descendants of the Maccabees inhabited this level of the site circa 100 BCE. The family famously saved Judea from the Seleucid Empire and are celebrated by the festival of Hanukkah for salvaging the Holy Temple.

Lower Layer

Though these burial caves now sit empty, they date back to the era of Kings Solomon and David over 3,000 years ago. The existence of ritual baths and an aqueduct system indicate that this was a place of luxury.

Seibenberg Layout